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Partner Spotlight - Success for SATRO

The foundation supports SATRO’s delivery of a vocational construction course to support disadvantaged students gain a qualification giving them a pathway to employment.

The challenge of engaging young people in their education has become more difficult post-pandemic for many reasons including: the loss of learning time for those with additional needs, struggles with attendance due to mental health, and lack of confidence in the future as the social mobility struggle becomes even harder in difficult times.

SATRO, an educational charity, delivers a mobile teaching service with 8 vans across the region teaching 58 BTEC Construction sessions in schools including mainstream, alternative provision, pupil referral units and special needs.

Student success last year was evident through their BTEC results with certificates and awards with many 10% achieving ‘Distinction’, 30% ‘Merit’ and 60% ‘Pass’ from the 145 completing their Certificate or Award Qualification this summer. Given that most of the students are disadvantaged in their learning due to circumstance, learning or behavioural needs or school attendance it’s a huge credit for SATRO to have achieved the national average at this vocational training level. A further 267 achieved the SATRO Award for those with more complex needs and 85 continue into their 2nd year of study.

Student Case Study: C was struggling with attendance at school and was at risk of exclusion. The mainstream curriculum was not providing the engagement and interest he needed. School timetabled C into the SATRO Construction programme and although he initially found it difficult to engage, but with some specific support from the SATRO team he began to see that it offered him the practical vocational training he sought as well as a pathway to a future career. His tutor was thrilled to see him gain a distinction in his first module and shared this success with him, to which C asked “what is a distinction? Is that good? I’ve never had one before.” He was thrilled and this became a turning point as he realised a real strength in himself and a determination to do well. He stayed on into the second year with a personal plan to catch up and we are pleased to say that he gained an overall Distinction for 2-year Certificate and has gained a place a college.

Parent Feedback May 2023: “C has successfully gained an Electrical Apprenticeship to start in September. They were particularly impressed when he shared his SATRO portfolio of work at interview particularly as they don't usually recruit to at his age.”

Now going into its 18th year, the construction programme continues to be highly valued by schools and hugely impactful for students as they consider the possibility of careers in the construction industry at the time of huge skills gaps. As more schools are now able to take their construction learning in-house (following SATRO’S guidance) they are able to extend their support to 10 new schools for this coming year. All first year students will also have the opportunity to join SATRO their career based Construction Festival to meet industry, colleges, apprenticeship providers and meet employees working in diverse companies.

SATRO is an educational charity working across the South-Central England. They work in schools with young people between the ages of 7-18 of all abilities. Their aim is to inspire and develop the aspirations of young people in their region, supporting them to develop their passions and explore pathways to a successful career. They work with all abilities and needs, and their construction programme is known for inclusion and SEN vocational training.

SATRO as a charity ended the 2022-23 academic year successfully, building on what they do well and what has been adapted to post-pandemic to meet the changing needs of the young people they support. Over the year they engaged with 10,900 students, delivered 29,500 unique sessions, and reported 5,200 volunteer hours working with the students.


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