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SATRO - Inspiring Young People & Educating Beyond the Curriculum

Anne Edward, Managing Director at SATRO talks about the organisation and what they’re working to achieve…

SATRO is an educational charity based in Surrey and delivering STEM, vocational construction and employability skills into schools across the South-Central part of England. For over 35 years we have partnered with industry and schools to extend learning for students beyond the curriculum. The aim being to:

· Inspire and understanding of the world we live in and the technology we use,

· Challenge perceptions of the world of work and career pathways,

· Develop key skills for jobs of the future.

In this academic year we will have reached around 10,000 students with our qualifications, workshops, events, challenges, research projects, careers networking and mentoring.


COINS have been supporting our Vocational Construction programme since 2019 with the development and delivery of the BTEC Level 1 Construction qualification. We teach all abilities across mainstream, alternative provision, special needs schools and pupil referral units. We have a team of 6 tutors with a fully equipped van which travels to each school with all the tools, equipment and materials to teach the course.

“We’re really pleased that our son was chosen for a brickwork  apprenticeship  though his own merit. There were 8 applicants. He was told it would be a 15-minute chat, but he was there for over 45 minutes! Once he was offered the apprenticeship, they told him that he had come top of the initial interviews. It was his talking about the SATRO construction course that so impressed them and really put him ahead  of the other candidates.” - Parents of a SATRO student 2021

This academic year we taught throughout lockdowns in schools with vulnerable students and adapted the course to be taught online in the Spring Term to our mainstream students. We have just celebrated the award of the following achievements for this year:

· 77 BTEC Level 1 Certificates in Construction (2 year)

· 58 BTEC Level 1 Awards in Construction (1 year)

· 102 BTEC students have interim recognition of BTEC units for qualification next year

· 50+ students have been awarded the SATRO SEN Practical Construction Award

Students study from a selection of units: carpentry, joinery, electrics, plumbing, health & safety and interview skills. We also developed a set of online resources to allow students to continue their learning through lockdown.

“It has been a fantastic course run by an amazing tutor who fully understood our students. A past student has passed her level 2 in Joinery and is already looking at moving on to level 3! This course helps the students to identify where they would like to go when they leave” - Assistant Head 2021

The generation in education today have a greater understanding of their role as a global citizen and are acutely aware of the problems that face our planet in the years to come. Whether that be climate change, a health pandemic, sustainable living or fairness and equality in our society. They will inherit some of the greatest challenges of our time. SATRO's aim is to provide them with the curiosity to develop the knowledge and skills they will require for their future.

“A wonderful opportunity for students to engage in a meaningful programme that develops them both socially and academically. The SATRO construction course offers students real currency and enables them to succeed practically, setting them up as desirable candidates to progress onto college courses and apprenticeships. This is what vocational education should be!” - Assistant Head 2021

As a charity we engage with charitable trusts, individual donors and corporate responsibility programmes. We offer our services to all types of schools and students of all abilities - accepting every student for who they are and not which school they attend. A key focus for us as a charity is to bring our work to elements of the disadvantaged student population lacking access to opportunities. This may be access to activities which cultivate their interests or a guide to their pathways for the future. We work with those at risk of being left behind within society and by the education system, to those with specific needs who require additional support in their learning. Providing access to learning, inspiration and mentoring that has the potential broaden their horizons and challenge their future aspirations.


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