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Woinshet speaks about the change

“The old house and the new house are incomparable. All the old windows and doors are changed, the floor has a concrete foundation,’’ Woinshet Shimelis.

Woinshet lives in Gullelle Sub City, with her 5 family members: her daughter, husband, and siblings. Currently, she is expecting a new baby. She previously lived in a very old house. The walls were cracked, the roof leaked, and the floor was made from a dirt foundation. The old house was in the same block with other three households.

“I was always afraid that it might have fallen on us one day. The toilet was also very old, and four households were using one toilet. The old house was very dark, but the new house has enough light. The new communal toilet is safe and very comfortable to use. The new kitchen is clean and has enough space to cook. I am very happy since I moved to the new house in March 2020,’’ Woinshet said.

Habitat staff celebrated Ethiopian New Year in September 2020 with partners families: Woinshet, Kasech and Atsenesh (Kasech’s mother). The staff wanted to show their support and togetherness.

“I am very thankful for everything Habitat did for me and my neighbourhood. I am also grateful for supporters of Habitat and volunteers who assisted us to move to a new house. I learnt a lot from Habitat and am ready to volunteer for others. I feel we are family members of Habitat.’’


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