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Now, I lead a better life!

Kasech Shimelis lives in Gullelle, Sub City of Addis Ababa, with her daughter.

She has two daughters but one of her daughters lives with another family. Kasech has a disability of her left hand and left foot. Her daughter Arsema Shimelis (6) attends a Kindergarten. Kasech depends on begging to support herself and her family. She spends most of the day on streets.

She previously lived in a collapsing, old house. The roof leaked during the rainy season. The roof flooded with water as it was broken. “I was always busy draining water from the leaking roof. It was very difficult for me because of my disability. I was anxious whenever the rainy season started,” says Kasech.

“Now I lead a better life. No-one is happy like me! I am not worrying whether it rains or not. No more leaking roof! No more flood! I am leading a blessed life. There is a big difference living in a safe house especially at the time of COVID-19. I am also excited that my neighbour’s houses are built in a new way.”

Her daughter Arsema is included in the 'School Feeding Program' and able to be served breakfast and lunch. School uniforms and school supplies are covered by the government, so she is not worried about sending her daughter to school.

“Even if I am begging and my livelihood is not changed, I am still thankful. I praise the Lord for providing me this new house. Living in a new house is a big deal for me. I want to thank Habitat and the volunteers who built our houses last year.” - Kasech.


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