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Inclusive Play with Challengers

Challengers provide play and leisure for disabled children and young people aged 2 to 18 across Guildford and the South-East of England. There are many barriers stopping disabled children from playing – from physical impairments and a lack of accessible play facilities to time, money, and support.


For many families with disabled children, Challengers is a lifeline that they simply wouldn’t be able to cope without. Their Play and Youth schemes allow them to gain respite from the demands of their core responsibilities. They can relax knowing their child is safely cared for by trained staff and having a great time with friends. Challengers rely heavily on fundraising to cover their costs and we’re delighted to have contributed over £100,000 towards their work since our partnership began over 10 years ago.


Their Play and Youth schemes have been our main form of support over the years, where £13,000 would fund around 71 days of play for a child attending Challengers, which can have a huge impact on them and their families. Occasionally one-off grants are required to improve facilities or purchase equipment and their inclusive playground is a great example of this. We were thrilled to have been able to assist in this new development knowing that it would benefit so many in the local community and hopefully set a precedent for future playgrounds.

Our partnership has extended beyond donations, and over the years our teams and representatives have taken part in numerous fundraising events, including Prudential Ride London, their Black-Tie Ball, Challengers’ Golf Day and abseiling down Spinnaker Tower. With many keen cyclists within our network, Kelly’s Cycle Challenge became a popular event for many and was well utilised for both family days out and team building with colleagues. In addition to the funds raised at the events, the networking opportunities help to create awareness and educate people about the fantastic work that Challengers do. Spreading the word can make a huge difference, whether that’s for families to find out about Challengers great work that they could benefit from or to generate to more support.


 Another area we were able to work together was to share knowledge, experience and ideas. A Patron since 2017, Larry has worked continued to work closely with Challengers. More recently, Free Bird Film’s Director, Jake Hatt became a Trustee at the end of November in 2022, bring a new voice to the table.


Challengers have been a regular fix at our Sundial Festival, always ensuring sure their stall is distinctive and their fun activities reflect their fun and inclusive approach. Families are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy and utilise Challengers’ schemes and we are delighted to be able to support their journey. 


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