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COINS abseil Spinnaker Tower for Challengers

On Saturday 24th September, two daring employees from COINS will be travelling to Portsmouth to take on a 100m abseil down the iconic Spinnaker Tower.

Vicky Kent (Project Manager at COINS) and Olga Zukowska (Accounts Assistant) will be joining a larger team of 40 equally brave individuals taking on this challenge. Their motivation for descending this iconic landmark is to raise funds for COINS Foundation’s long-term partner, Challengers.

Challengers provide inclusive play and leisure activities for young people with disabilities across the South East. Their schemes provide children and young people with a fun and inclusive environment where they’re able to make friends and to try exciting new activities. In addition to being hugely beneficial for the young people who attend the schemes, it is also incredibly important for their families, allowing them time to catch up on jobs or spending time with their other children who may be more physically able and require less everyday support.

Coincidentally, Vicky, who admits to having always been an adventurous soul, was already making plans to tackle the abseil with a friend before a fortunate timed email redirected her focus.

“During a trip to Southsea a long time ago a couple of friends and I over a drink decided we wanted to do the Spinnaker Tower, something we mention often and for some reason, never got around to doing it. On 7th August my friend Pete (who is also joining us) and I decided we couldn’t wait for the others and decided to plan the abseil and then on the Monday I received an email from COINS inviting people to take part for Challengers. It might have delayed our trip slightly, but it has given it more substance than just ‘doing it for ourselves’ - we’d never have had time to organise the donations by ourselves. Right now, I’m very excited about it, not just because it’s something I wanted to do, but we will be doing it for a great cause and meeting a group of people we might never have met otherwise. My only apprehension, and something I hadn’t considered, is that I’m incredibly claustrophobic so the real challenge might be the journey to the top and whether I can last in a lift without fainting or if I can make it all the way up via the stairs!” - Vicky Kent

For Olga, the desire to support Challengers was the first thing to peak her interest and the fact that with it brought an opportunity to challenge herself, was an added bonus!

“I like helping others, so when the email came through about raising money for children with special educational needs, I signed up straight away. As a former teacher, I understand how important it is to provide resources and opportunities for children to meet their needs and support their development. I also think that in addition to supporting a good cause, the Spinnaker Tower abseil will allow me to learn more about myself. Hanging from a 100-metre building will definitely take me out of my comfort zone, but I like adventure and I am ready to test my limits and face barriers that arise in my head. Wish me luck!” - Olga Zukowska

We wish them the best of luck and if you’d to support them and Challengers, you can find their fundraising links below.


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