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Freedom on the Water with Sailability

Situated in Surrey, Frensham Pond Sailing Club offers both competitive and leisure sailing opportunities for all ages and is a perfect example of inclusivity. To illustrate this, running alongside their mainstream sessions, Sailability, offers people, who because of a long-term illness or disability, support to learn and enjoy sailing. There is a range of sailing available from therapeutic to competitive sailing all within a safe, caring, and social environment. Their supportive and experienced team creates the perfect combination of building confidence whilst challenging individuals to push themselves learning new skills and developing both inside and outside the boat.

Our connection with Sailability dates back to 2004 with over £51,470 being donated over the twenty-year partnership. Working closely in conjunction with our schools Undershaw (formerly Stepping Stones) and Pathways, many students have had the opportunity to experience the freedom of being on the water. Given the right equipment and support, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy sailing and Sailability have taken some individuals right up to International and Championship level.


Their main need has been funding for equipment and running their programs and we are pleased to have been able assist with this. We’ve also attended a number of fundraising events over the years with teams from COINS participating in some of their races out on the water. It has been incredible to see confidence gained and new skills leaned with many able to compete successfully against other able-bodied sailors. Outside of the racing and the sport, the benefits are both physical and mental, and for many they haven’t just discovered a new talent, or ability, but a passion.



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