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Widad - Inspiring Unique Minds

Widad is a one-of-a-kind place where education, creativity, inclusion, and environmental responsibility come together.

Following on from the success of Stepping Stones, in 2013 the Foundation took this flexible approach to education to Dubai and Widad was born. The Foundation has supported Widad from the beginning, sitting on the board to help guide them.

Centrally situated in the heart of Dubai, Widad offers a nurturing and comprehensive learning environment for talented children. The institution is dedicated to challenging and supporting special learners by strengthening their cognitive, emotional, and creative abilities. Through personalised academic and therapeutic programmes, Widad aims to unlock the full potential of each student.

Widad is also a community of students, parents, educators, and professionals committed to the principles of environmental responsibility, social inclusion, and better education all working towards shaping the future of special education.

Widad provides a range of educational, behavioural, and skill development programs inspired by a blend of the latest research and pedagogical methodologies. Last year they celebrated their 10th anniversary and the words of happiness from the students and their parents are perfect examples of their success.

To see the full playlist of the Widad videos, please see their playlist here.


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