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New Partnership with VR Therapies

COINS Foundation partners with VR Therapies to provide Virtual Reality therapies for children and young people with special needs and learning disabilities.

COINS Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with VR Therapies, the UK’s leading social enterprise providing Virtual Reality wellbeing services to children and young people with special needs and learning disabilities. With this major new donation, COINS Foundation will be able to help VR Therapies deliver virtual reality wellbeing experiences to hundreds of children & young people in the community. Larry Sullivan, Chairman of COINS Global said: “COINS Foundation supports a wide range of social initiatives with a desire to see real and positive change in individual lives, communities and business. Rebecca & her team will provide unique, immersive wellbeing therapies to young people through the VRT Northampton Centre and we’re delighted to support Rebecca and VR Therapies in their work with our local Pathways and Undershaw schools, training teachers and therapy teams to provide VR therapies to students with special needs. This COINS Foundation donation will have a positive impact on hundreds of young people in the community and we’ll continue to support VRT through 2022.”

VR Therapies Founder and nurse therapist Rebecca Gill said: “We’re very proud to be partnering with COINS Foundation and so grateful for their support in helping us provide VR wellbeing experiences to hundreds of disadvantaged young people in the community. We believe the latest medical and therapeutic advances should be available to those who benefit most yet are the least likely to access them.At our world-leading, fully accessible, multi-sensory Centre in Northampton, everything comes to life - from the furniture to the walls, where you paint with fire or walk on the moon, where you hear colour and feel sound, all through VR. Our Centre also provides a world-first combination of hydrotherapy with underwater VR headsets, allowing everyone to experience the magic of swimming with dolphins!”

VR Therapies is delivered by Rebecca and her specialist team in person at the Company Centre and at locations across the UK and includes bespoke, themed VR therapies including Animals & Nature, Art & Music, Education & History and Travel & Exploration. With all the VR equipment e.g. headsets and training provided by VR Therapies, individuals and teams can discover magical worlds and landscapes, immersive experiences to heighten the senses and feel the wonder of swimming with dolphins.


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